Hi, I'm Matt! I'm a comedian, writer, producer, and Golden Girls aficionado. Thank you for being a friend, and welcome to my bio!

As a stand-up, I've performed at clubs throughout New York City, including Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, The PIT, QED Astoria, Stand Up NY, and Caroline's. I've also performed at New York Comedy Festival, Cinder Block Comedy Festival, Big Pine Comedy Festival, QueerCom, Solocom, and LoLGBTQ Fest.

My first solo show, "A Friend of Dorothy (Zbornak)", was a Time Out NY Critics' pick, while my second, "Broad Shoulders", sold out at The Duplex. Other solo works include: "The Matt Show", "Bette Davis Smize", and "Kinda Wicked". From 2016-2018, I was producer & host of "Go Ricki!", a super fun Ricki Lake-inspired comedy show. Described as "outrageous", "bananas", and "fabulously bitchy", the show was featured in Time Out New York, The Interrobang, The Skint, Comedy Cake, and Best New York Comedy. "Go Ricki!" was also a part of Cinder Block Comedy Festival 2017. More recently, I curated & hosted three installments of a storytelling show called "Terms of Enqueerment" (which showcased many of the city's LGBTQ+ comedians and allies, including SNL's Darrell Hammond), and wrote & performed the solo show, "Kiss My Ascot!", about my brief bout with thyroid cancer. 


I also create & star in the Instagram series, "The Talk of the Townie" - a satirical look at small-town life centered around no-nonsense school bus driver, Pammy Pittlsey. Pammy made her live stage debut at Solocom 2018 in "Our Townie", and returned to Solocom 2019 with a politically-themed show, "Border Townie".  She also cohosts the weekly Instagram Live series "Andy & Pammy Live!" on Monday nights at 9:00pm EST (@thetalkofthetownie).

As a writer/content creator, my work has been featured on BuzzFeed, Medium, iHeartRadio, Reddit, Queerty, and Thought Catalog, as well as in the book "Write to TV: Out of Your Head & Onto the Screen" by Martie Cook. 

On a personal note, I'm afraid of birds, clowns, and people that dress up at Renaissance Faires.